The Nordic Region offers good opportunities for variety of international companies. The area is well known from technological capabilities, the best education in the world, pure nature and a stable business environment. Population of the area is approximately 26 million.

Scandinavians are good in developing innovative solutions for several types of challenges. Especially in Finland we have numerous of exceptional products that are still quite badly known internationally. That offers exceptional importing opportunities for international corporates to complement their product range with cool products that would differentiate them from their competitors for sure. We can also help Finnish companies to asses their international business opportunities in GoGlobalSmart.

The area also offers good export opportunities for international corporates. Thanks to the high level of technological development, the area is a good platform to test your high technology products before continuing to larger market areas. Because of the high labour costs, several different products are also imported to the area from lower labour cost countries.

Because the area is relatively wealthy and developed, there is also competition in most of the industries. The nature of the business network has also become closed in several industries. Due the mentioned issues, the venture must be planned very carefully and implemented with well-planned steps to be able to enter in the area.

In GoGlobalSmart we have an excellent know how to assist you with your business ventures in Nordic countries. Contact your nearest GoGlobalSmart consultant and make your internationalization venture fly!

Marko Merkkiniemi

Marko Merkkiniemi