Wouldn't it be great if an internationalizing company could, in office work, plan for internationalization, think about the most appropriate target country, find the most suitable expert, and go on a planned path? And even for free!

Wouldn't it be great if, as an expert on internationalization, you could bring your expertise, current affairs and business opportunities of your target markets in the same place that companies are planning internationalization. Wouldn't it be great if an internationalizing company could select the most suitable target market based on publications of professionals?

At the moment, entrepreneurs and experts run at various events, telling about the market and gathering information about things that are important to them. The information is then collected in folders, on paper, on memory, or in emails. Pretty difficult and outdated!

GoGlobalSmart platform provides a modern method! Sign in now and let´s make it the best solution in the world to start internationalization!

Marko Merkkiniemi

Marko Merkkiniemi