Solutions to Common Problems!

Studies show that the most common problems faced by SMEs in internationalisation are the lack of strategizing practices, the lack of expertise and the lack of networks. Solve these problems with GoGlobalSmart® platform. Start a systematic export project!

Implement Internationalisation Guided by Yourself!

Internationalisation does not necessarily require large resources. Do a number of actions yourself, for which you would pay thousands for consultants. At worst, these important steps may not be done at all, which jeopardizes the success of your project.

Do Not Waste Your Resources!

You can find customers for all businesses around the world. However, do not waste your resources for sales, marketing, or partner search before you know where your most potential customers are and how your product is sold to them. Do as much as you can by yourself, do the right things, and implement successful and agile internationalisation.

Our wide network enables an agile internationalisation

The selection of the right target country is one of the most important stages in internationalisation. With our wide network, you are able to truly assess the best target country for your project.

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Powerful tools for internationalisation

We have developed the GoGlobalSmart® application to support your internationalisation.

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