A phased model to internationalisation

We have developed SMEs a phased internationalisation model. The model allows us to implement internationalisation in a systematic and phased manner. In our model, the internationalisation project is cut down into smaller parts, in which case we are able to accurately analyse the most important procedures in terms of the project. The project progresses, according to the model, in phases, offering companies valuable information about each stage.

The strategy model has been developed on the basis of several research projects, and uses existing internationalisation models that have been developed for larger companies. Methods suitable for SMEs as well as procedures that are essential for the success of SMEs have been collected in the model.

With the help of the systematic model, the company can complete part of the procedures by itself, and can utilise the reports provided by consultants in practice. Due to the clear phases and controlled procedures, your company will identify the procedures necessary for success. This enables your company to also demand consultations relevant to your company from consultants.


GoGlobalSmart® application

Powerful tool for internationalisation

We have developed the GoGlobalSmart® application, which is based on our model. With the application, you are able to evaluate your international business opportunities and implement an agile internationalisation project. With the application, you can easily acquire assistance from our network for those things you cannot accomplish by yourself. With our platform, you will implement a cost-effective, efficient and high quality export project.

The application enables higher quality, more effective and affordable venture.

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Valuable information and guidance

The application guides the company to build its internationalisation project in a systematic manner. It offers the customer valuable information about the internationalisation project by means of practical guidelines and examples. The customer can easily make the internationalisation plan itself and implement a practical export project. Pre-collected and constantly evolving background information speeds up the implementation of the project. The application adapts to your project by providing valuable information about your project. You can easily save all of your project-related information in the application and share information about your project.