GoGlobalSmart® - affordable and easy platform to use

Save Time and Money!

Internationalisation projects can be complicated and they can be several years in length. GoGlobalSmart® application allows you to manage your project in a methodical manner and acquire assistance only when it is topical for you. By systematic project management you will implement your venture successfully and save time and money!

Find Your Customers Faster!

Our platform guides you to select the best target country for you. You can also share the basic information of your project to several consultants and acquire feedback from your opportunities. Some of the consultants might just have the perfect business partner for you. By finding out the best target country makes your venture much more profitable much faster!

Easy Messaging!

The messaging features of our application enable efficient communication with the experts and other participants in the project. Everyone working according to the same operating model makes also the communication much smoother.

Information Stored Safely!

The application enables all plans and communications concerning the project to remain safe on one platform. Information is not scattered around in emails, messages, documents or other systems. You don't have to be worried if your information is lying on the tables of several people. When all people involved of the project can deliver information on one place, the information flow is fluent and transparent for everybody. You will make better decisions faster!

English Is the Language of International Trade!

The user language of our application is English. Communication with our international consultants also takes place in English. In this way your English language skills that are relevant in terms of international trade will develop.

Start Now!

All prices exclude VAT.

You can pay with PayPal or request an invoice to be sent to your email.

Payments are always made in advance for the selected period. The subscription will end automatically at the end of the selected period. This fee entitles the use of a service platform to a prepaid period. The consultants charge their work according to their own price lists. GoGlobalSmart® is not responsible for the delivered consultancy.

What GoGlobalSmart® offers to a consultant?

An Easy Tool to Train SMEs!

With the application, you can easily present the structure of the internationalisation project, the required actions, and provide a lot of useful information to your customer. You can easily analyze the strengths and competitive advantage of the company.


By joining the network, the consultant can easily utilize other consultants in the network. Other consultants can also easily ask for your help in their projects.

An Easy Tool for Cooperation!

With the application, you can easily provide consulting information to one place in real time, easily accessible to the customer. The customer always gets structured information, making it easy to understand how the information can be utilized. The project can also be shared with other people, so the sharing of information is really easy and cooperation is fluent.

Connection to Customers!

SMEs planning for internationalisation can easily find you and get your help through the platform when you are in the network.

You can purchase a license for the platform by yourself, open the project for your customer, and implement a better service for your customer. Or you can ask your customer to join the platform and invite you to their project as a consultant.

Join the Network!